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When it comes to health insurance and varicose veins, at Siragusa Vein and Laser, we’ve got you covered! We are the best at getting our patients’ treatments covered by insurance, even when they have been previously denied.

We work with more than 100 insurance companies

Over 100 different insurance companies have chosen to partner with Siragusa Vein and Laser to provide the highest level of care to patients seeking varicose vein treatment in Nashville. In addition, we welcome patients with Medicare and Medicaid for vein treatments at both our Hermitage and Nashville Vein Clinics.

Meet our insurance specialist, Beth

With more than 10 years of experience working as a health insurance coordinator, Beth has learned the secrets of the insurance industry. She serves as a direct line of communication between our patients and their health insurance providers, using her expertise to make sure we get your treatment covered.  

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To give you a leg up on your insurance company, we will send you our 5 tips on how to get your insurance company to pay for your vein treatments, written by Dr. Siragusa after 15 years of navigating our patients through the insurance jungle.

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