What is EVLT?

The greatest modern advancement in treating varicose veins is an innovative therapy called endovenous ablation. The ablation technique was developed to replace the much more invasive surgical vein stripping procedures, which required general anesthesia, several cuts on the leg, at least two nights in the hospital, and a higher risk of infection. The goal of the procedure is to restore healthy circulation through your leg by sealing off (ablating) the “leaky” veins that are the source of varicose veins, while also preventing other complications such as swelling, skin ulceration and blood clots.

What to expect from EVLT treatment?

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT), is a minimally invasive procedure used to correct venous reflux disease. The procedure is performed in the comfort of either of our two conveniently located offices and typically takes between 10 and 15 minutes to perform. Using ultrasound guidance, a laser fiber is inserted into the problematic vein via a small knick in the skin. Local anesthesia is then utilized to make the procedure much  more comfortable.  Laser energy is delivered through the fiber which damages the vein walls, causing it to swell shut permanently.

What to expect after treatment?

Once treated, the sealed-off veins are slowly absorbed back into the body, and blood flow is rerouted to normal veins, restoring healthy circulation. Following EVLT procedures, patients can resume normal activity immediately after treatment, with many of our patients returning directly to work after their procedure. Patients will wear a compression stocking for five to seven days after an EVLT procedure and can remove the compression socks at night while their legs are elevated. If you have any anxiety about procedures, we offer a form of Nitrous Oxide called Pro-nox to help take the edge off.

Take the first step

If you and Dr. Siragusa decide that ELVT is right for your particular needs, our team of vein specialists will discuss any needed preparation for the procedure with you. Endovenous ablation is a very safe, effective, and well-tolerated treatment, performed by Dr. Siragusa in our modern, comfortable and efficient office setting. If you suffer from varicose veins or any symptoms of leg pain, swelling, skin itching, or discoloration, EVLT may be the procedure you’ve been looking for.  To find out if EVLT is for you, contact us today to set up a consultation at either our Nashville or Hermitage location.