Cosmetic Vein Disease

We not only help patients suffering from vein disease, but also help treat a variety of cosmetic vein issues for our patients here at Siragusa Vein and Laser. These issues are usually easily treated with the same non-invasive treatment options in the comfort of our office setting with little to no downtime.


Spider Veins

Spider veins are small, purple or red veins that appear on the legs. They are typically flat and do not cause any pain. Spider veins are easily treated with sclerotherapy. They may also be an indicator of venous insufficiency, which would need to be addressed prior to treating the spider veins if present.


Facial Veins

Many patients seek treatment of blue veins that may or may not protrude through the skin. The most common areas for these to appear are the forehead, temple, and underneath the eye. Spider veins can also appear on the face, typically the nose and cheeks.


Hand Veins

As we age, we lose muscle and fat along the tops of our hands. This can cause the veins in the hand to appear more prominently and often are a source of cosmetic concern for patients.


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