Visible Hand Veins

Visible hand veins are a natural part of aging. Our hands are seen every day, and bulging, unsightly veins are often a cause of embarrassment. At Siragusa Vein and Laser, we know our patients want to be confident in their appearance, and we are here to help them accomplish that goal. We not only treat unsightly hand veins, but also sunspots and volume loss that causes the bones and veins in our hands to become more visible and prominent. Our personalized assessments and comprehensive treatment plans address all of these issues, resulting in our patients’ hands looking, feeling and being healthy and rejuvenated.

What causes unsightly hand veins?

Unlike leg varicose veins, the veins on the backs of the hands are not usually diseased. Enlarged hand veins, however, are a common source of embarrassment for many people. Hand veins become more visible as we age and lose fat from the backs of our hands. If you don’t like the appearance of your hands, Siragusa Vein and Laser has the treatment options to give your hands a smoother, more youthful look.

How are hand veins treated and what to expect?

Dr. Siragusa offers multiple treatment options to address the varying components of the aging of the hand. Sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy are both excellent options for treating bulging hand veins. The volume loss on the back of the hands can be treated with fillers (such as Radiesse) to give a more youthful appearance. Dark spots and loose skin on the back of the hand respond very well to lasers such as our Cutera Exel V and our Sciton BBL. This type of skin treatment not only stimulates collagen generation, which thickens the skin, but also improves the appearance of pigment changes or sunspots. All the treatment options we offer are performed in the comfort of our offices and usually take less than fifteen minutes with little to no downtime.

Take the first step

If you are unhappy with the way your hands look or want to treat unsightly hand veins, let the team at Siragusa Vein and Laser help you get back to loving the way your hands look and feel. Contact our front desk to schedule an appointment at one of our two conveniently located offices (Nashville and Hermitage) to schedule a consultation with Dr. Siragusa today.