it’s time to love your legs again

Say goodbye to varicose veins and take back your quality of life with the help of Nashville’s most trusted vein surgeon.

Not Sure Where to Start

3 Ways to get started

Short, 15 Min Procedures

Pain free procedures are generally completed in the time it takes to listen to three of your favorite songs.

No Downtime

With no downtime, you can resume your daily routines immediately following your treatment.

Covered by insurance

Most people are surprised that insurance covers the evaluation and treatment of their vein issues.

Life is too short to deal with
painful and embarrassing varicose veins

For 100% of patients, the problem only gets worse without treatment.

Varicose Veins are a painful but easily solvable problem.

Eliminate Leg Pain
And Swelling

Get Rid of Dark
& Itchy Skin

Circulation Issues

It’s time to love
your legs and life again

  • Wear What You Want, Do What You Love
  • Renew Your Confidence
  • Back to Life and Work Immediately After Treatment

Does my insurance cover
vein treatments?

Simply call our insurance concierge now for a free verification.

Life is too short to deal with
painful and embarrassing varicose veins

At the Siragusa Vein and Laser Center, we provide a personal, individualized approach to each client’s care based on their history of vascular problems, physical exam findings, as well as the detailed information gained by their comprehensive ultrasound. Each patient is not only thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Siragusa, but they are also extensively educated about their problem and what they can do to prevent future vein and vascular issues.

A personal, individualized approach

  • Over 15,000 patients treated
  • Board Certified
  • Voted Nashville’s best vein surgeon

After helping more than 15,000 people say goodbye to painful and embarrassing varicose veins, I understand the pain and frustration you are going through, and I believe no one should be limited by a problem that is so easily fixed.

Dr. Tif Siragusa

Our patients love the pain-free, easy process
and are crazy about the results.

Whether you need lots of work or just a little, the results are fantastic.


What our patients are saying

Solve your vein problems in
3 simple steps.

Step 1

Book an Appointment

We have locations in Nashville and Hermitage. We also offer online screenings.

Step 2

Outpatient Treatment

Minimally invasive, 15 min procedures get you back to loving your legs with minimal to no downtime.

Step 3

Love Your Legs Again

Get back to living your life pain-free.


Try our Free Virtual Vein Screening tool and take the first step towards loving your legs again.

There’s no reason to wait to fix your veins

Could it be true that such an enormous problem can be solved through such a quick and pain-free process? The answer is yes.

While varicose veins can cause extreme pain and can be embarrassing, the solution to the problem is simple. And that’s important because if we don’t fix the problem now, it only gets worse.