What Is Microphlebectomy?

To help achieve your goals of healthy circulation and legs that look and feel better, sometimes a multi-step treatment plan is the best solution. Varicose veins may require additional treatment if they remain bulging and visible through the skin after healthy circulation has been restored with either radiofrequency or endovenous laser ablation. A Microphlebectomy is a procedure that is performed to remove these remaining bulging surface veins, resulting in pain-free and healthy-looking legs.


What To Expect During A Mircophlectomy?

Microphlebectomy is performed in the office, requires only local anesthesia, and is usually completed in less than fifteen minutes. The procedure involves the removal of unsightly veins through needle holes so small that no general anesthetic, IV, or stitches are required. Microphlebectomy is an extremely effective solution for unhealthy, diseased veins, as they are completely removed, giving excellent cosmetic results and relief from symptoms.

What To Expect After Treatment?

This procedure is a great treatment option for patients, allowing them to return to normal activity, including driving, the same day. Following the procedure, patients are instructed to keep their bandages on overnight. Upon removing the bandages the following day, patients are always thrilled to find that their varicose veins are literally gone. Patients are instructed to wear compression stockings during the day for 5 days following the procedure, and may return to strenuous exercise after five days.


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Take The First Step

Varicose veins and the symptoms associated with them do not get better with time, fortunately the solution is quick and easy and usually covered by insurance. If you are suffering from varicose veins, contact our experienced team and find out how easy it is to get back to loving your legs and living your life.