Facial Veins

Unsightly facial veins are a common source of insecurity and embarrassment. We see these bothersome veins every time we look in the mirror or at photos of ourselves, and over time become more self-conscious of how they look. Most of our patients who are seeking help with facial vein treatment are dealing with one of the common problems: spider veins. These types of facial veins can become more prominent due to aging, genetics and other lifestyle factors. Fortunately, the team at Siragusa Vein and Laser has the experience and expertise to quickly treat these facial veins with little to no downtime.


Spider Veins

Spider veins and redness are best treated with a laser procedure called BroadBand Light or, which is ideal for smaller spider veins. Using BBL laser technology, we deliver precise wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the blood vessels causing them to safely dissolve. Blood flow is then directed back into the normal veins below the skin’s surface.


Periorbital Veins

The treatment of periorbital veins depends primarily on the size of the veins. Smaller veins around the eye are generally treated with a laser, while larger veins typically respond most favorably to foam sclerotherapy. Both options may require 2-3 treatments for best results.


Forehead Veins

Forehead veins are almost always best treated with foam sclerotherapy. This procedure is minimally invasive, requiring no incisions and consisting only of small injections. The treatment takes between ten and fifteen minutes with little to no downtime, and patients typically return to work or normal daily activity following treatment.


How are Facial Veins Treated and What to Expect?

Problematic facial veins can be easily treated using a variety of advanced techniques, such as the use of lasers and sclerotherapy. These treatment options are minimally invasive, performed in the comfort of our office, and require little to no downtime. Patients receiving these treatments can typically return to work and normal activity immediately following their procedure, and typically need two to three treatments to achieve optimal results.


What causes facial veins?

Visible veins are most often caused by sun damage, so daily sunscreen use and direct sun avoidance are recommended. Aside from environmental factors, age, and hereditary tendencies are also contributing factors.


What are facial veins?

Visible facial veins are dilated blood vessels. They are usually found on the forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, neck, and upper chest. Visible veins are most commonly seen in fair-skinned women and usually appear around age 40.


Treatment Options

We use the latest in laser technology to target a component of blood called hemoglobin. These vascular lasers destroy the blood vessel and leave the surrounding tissue undamaged. Laser treatments and IPL are done at 4-8 week intervals. Several treatments may be required.

Tif Siragusa

Why Choose Siragusa Vein and Laser for Your Facial Vein Treatment?

As a board-certified vascular surgeon, who has treated numerous patients with unsightly facial veins, Dr. Siragusa has the experience and expertise to correctly diagnose and comprehensively treat his patients’ facial vein issues. Regardless of the type of vein, or which treatment is utilized, our patients see results in the form of a smooth, youthful appearance.

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