Can sclerotherapy be done on the face?

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When most of us think of varicose veins and spider veins, we think of the legs and feet – the two areas where these dark, unattractive veins are most likely to appear. But the fact is, vein disease can affect veins anywhere on the body, including the face. While varicose veins can be unsightly on your legs and feet, they can be especially upsetting when they appear on your face.

As with varicose veins on other areas of your body, varicose veins on the face form when the tiny valves inside your veins stop functioning properly, causing veins to bulge and swell. On your legs or feet, these veins can be treated with an array of techniques, including one of the most popular and time-tested options – sclerotherapy. But with facial veins, your treatment options are more limited. Why? Because the skin on your face is much thinner and more “fragile” than the skin on your legs or feet. And that means techniques like sclerotherapy that can be so successful in treating leg and feet veins might not be the best option for getting rid of varicose veins on your face.

Sclerotherapy for facial veins

Sclerotherapy is a time-tested treatment that’s proven to be very successful in treating varicose veins on the limbs and torso. During a sclerotherapy treatment, the vein doctor uses a very thin needle to inject a special solution into the diseased vein. The solution irritates the interior lining of the vein, causing it to close off.

On your face, though, where your skin is thinner, there’s a considerably higher risk of scarring when the sclerosing solution is injected.And in order to avoid those unpleasant side effects, you need to make sure the doctor who’s performing the procedure is very skilled in using the technique – and skilled and experienced in determining if sclerotherapy is the best option for your particular case.

During your initial consultation, your doctor will look very closely at your facial veins while also evaluating your skin. Based on the results of that evaluation, the doctor will be able to determine if sclerotherapy is a good option or if another treatment option, like laser treatment, radiofrequency treatment or thermolysis (heat treatment) might be better suited for your needs.

No matter which treatment option you choose, the key to the best possible results is to make sure your vein doctor is experienced and skilled in treating facial veins and in using the technique that’s recommended for your treatment. Facial vein treatment requires a special skill set and a high level of expertise to avoid scarring and other side effects and to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

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Getting Your Insurance To Cover Your Vein Treatment

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